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"4-1 - List of the Mithril figurines"

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Official site of Mithril (Prince August)

Official site of Prince August


MMP : Many Mithril Pages

Arnaud GODET

"4-4a - Painted Mithril figures by Sergio Mencia"

"4-4b - Painted Mithril figures by Gerard Simonetti"

"4-5 - List of the Mithril with picture"

4-5a : Mithril "M"

"All the M"

Races of Middle-earth I


Races of Middle-earth II

"M16 (VERY RARE !)"

Riders of Rohan


Thieves of Tharbad


Army of the Witch-king


Gandalf & The Shire-folk


Boxed Sets : Smaug the Dragon, Bilbo & treasures


Halls of the Elven-king


Far Harad


Mirkwood I — The Vale of the Anduin


Mount Gundabad


Mirkwood II — The forest depths


At the Sign of the Prancing Pony


The Fellowship of the Ring




Personalities of the Third Age


Gorgoroth — The Plains of Mordor


Durin's Folk — Dwarves of Moria & Erebor


Ghost Warriors




Fangorn Forest


Minas Tirith


Elves of Lórien


The Tale of Turin


Mithril Fellowship


The Hobbit


Boxed Sets


The Black Sword


The Ancient Folk


Mithril Fellowship


The Horse-lords


The Last Alliance


Boxed Sets


Mithril Fellowship


The Chamber of Mazarbul


Pelennor Fields


Mithril Fellowship


Boxed Sets


The Misty Mountains


Orcs of the Red Eye


Heroines of Middle-earth


Cirith Ungol


Mithril Warbands


House of Elrond


Boxed Sets


Mithril Warbands
un-released !"

"MW346 (VERY RARE !)"
"MW347 (VERY RARE !)"

Hobbits of the Shire


Boxed Sets


Lord of the Rings Vignettes I


Thorin & Dain


Boxed Sets


Lord of the Rings Vignettes II


Rangers of Ithilien


Village of Bree


Boxed Sets


Mirkwood I


Mirkwood II


Boxed Sets


Lord of the Rings Vignettes III


Designer Mithril
("MX421 - VERY RARE !")


Boxed Sets


Mithril Fellowship

"MS423A - VERY RARE !"

The Armies of Gondor - Lossarnach


Mithril Fellowship


Designer Mithril
("MX436 - VERY RARE !")


Mithril Fellowship


'MERP Middle-Earth Characters' miniatures


Mithril Fellowship


Designer Mithril
("MX456 - VERY RARE !")


Mithril Fellowship


'Mordor's Armies - The Corsairs of Umbar' miniature


Mithril Fellowship



4-5b : Mithril "LR"

"All the LR"

The Istari


The Early Ringbearers


The Nine Nazgul


From the Shire to the Barrow-downs


From Bree to Rivendell


3-5c : Mithril "LT"

"All the LT"

Helm's Deep


Arnaud GODET