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"www.mithril.ie" (Factory in Ireland at Macroom)

For the french people (Mithril's Fellowship) : "www.mithril.ie/Fellowship"

Web site about my personal Home Page, MITHRIL's miniatures and Asterix MetalMagic Hobby Products miniatures.

Mithril's figs are often used to play at MERP (Middle Earth Role Playing) about the World of JRR TOLKIEN.
The webmaster : Arnaud GODET like "sgod".
(city of Lille - North of FRANCE).
(sorry, all the figures haven't got link with picture. I hope finish to put all the Mithril M, LR and LT as soon as possible).
If you find some mistakes, please, contact me.

Arnaud (sgod)

Welcome to MITHRIL59.COM !

Creation : August 1998.

Last modified : 20 Fabruary 2008.

!!! Send me a mail if you want that I've put your painted Mithril figures in my web site !!!

You can see on the left frame a list of links about :

1 - My personal Home Page (Saint Pierremont and Ennemain villages).

2 - Asterix MetalMagic Hobby Products miniatures.

3 - Figurines by phaeton-design (C.Tubb. Mithril's sculptor).

4 - Mithril figurines :
4-1 - List of the Mithril figurines.
4-2 - Books in french.
4-3 - Links.
4-4a - Painted Mithril figures by Sergio Mencia (Spain).
4-4b - Painted Mithril figures by Gerard Simonetti (France).
4-5 - List of the Mithril with picture.
4-5a Mithril serial M.
4-5b Mithril serial LR.
4-5c Mithril serial LT.

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